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Semester & Academic Year Programs



Endicott students can choose from a portfolio of approximately 30 study abroad locations, and will receive Endicott credits for the courses they take at their host institution. Endicott's programs are run directly through the host institution or through a top-notch study abroad program provider. 

Endicott Partner Programs

Endicott partner programs allow for studying alongside local and international students at prestigious institutions around the world. The methods of teaching and assessment at foreign universities are significantly different from those in the United States. These programs provide the highest level of academic and cultural immersion and require a great deal of self-sufficiency and independence on the part of students. The support networks reflect the cultural values and style of the host university and do not mirror Endicott’s administration.

Endicott Affiliate Programs

Endicott Affiliate Programs are administered by highly respected study abroad organizations approved by the university. Students enroll in courses designed for American study abroad participants and typically follow an American model of teaching and assessment. Students may have the option to take some or all courses at foreign universities with local and international peers, in which case teaching and assessment methods are very different from those at American universities.

Students seeking to study abroad during the fall semester will have an application period of late-August through early-October, and students seeking to study abroad during the spring semester will have an application period of late-January through early-March. Application deadlines may vary by program to meet the needs of the overseas host institution. A list of all Endicott study abroad programs can be found here