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  • This program is currently not accepting applications.
Fact Sheet:
Housing Type: Apartment, Homestay Class Status: 2. Sophmore, 3. Junior
Program Type: Study Abroad Minimum GPA: 2.75
Areas of Study: Art History, Art Therapy, Business Administration, Communication, Creative Writing, Digital Journalism, Graphic Design, History, Hospitality Management, Hotel Management, Interior Design, International Business, International Studies, Liberal Studies, Marketing, Music, Performing Arts, Photography, Religious Studies, Studio Art, Visual Communications Application Cancellation/Withdrawal Fee: $50
Program Description:

FUA Facilities
"Italian culture is a slower and more appreciative way of life." - Lauren Gallagher, Art Major

Fall 2018 Study Abroad Incentive: Florence University of the Arts (FUA) is a study abroad location eligible for the Fall 2018 Study Abroad Incentive. Students accepted to FUA will receive round-trip airfare, departing from Boston, MA. More information on available study abroad incentives can be found here


Florence University of the Arts (FUA) presents a contemporary and thorough approach to the Hospitality Management and Liberal Arts education, along with an extensive curriculum in Studio Arts. With small classes taught by a highly qualified international faculty, every course aims to enhance the social, intercultural and professional experience of each student. FUA combines innovative curriculum and collaborative teaching methods to create a unique, hands-on educational experience. Palazzi Florence Association for International Education offers flexible opportunities for diverse student bodies that seek to broaden their academic experiences in Italy.

"Beautiful weather, food, wine and company." -Brianna Fullam, Art Major


Florence, the capital of the Italian region of Tuscany, serves as a concourse for past and present art, history, and culture. Its central position makes it a unique portal; it is located an hour from Bologna, an hour and a half from Rome, and 2 hours from Milan by train. Its revolutionary impact has changed global and western thinking through the first banking systems, the widening of architectural and artistic perspectives during the Renaissance, and its modern political science and philosophy. The city of Florence embraces Italian tourism, allows foreigners to feel welcomed, and still showcases its traditional Italian culture and the city’s rich history. Italy’s past, present, and future blend together in a stimulating European context that students will find thrilling yet accessible. They will find themselves immersed in an environment that inspires all areas of the human experience, offering continuous and multi-fold opportunities to be profoundly changed by this opportunity. 


All students are required to enroll in 6 mandatory credits while at FUA: 

  • ISISCI200: Cultural Introduction to Italy: Field Learning Week. This is a 3-credit course, and consists of assigned readings, daily mini-assignments during the travel week, and post-travel week papers and exam. 
  • ISISCI202: Cultural Introduction to Italy: Florence OR Italian Language. Each option is worth 3 credits. Students will find their appropriate Italian language course listed under Department of Italian Studies in the FUA course catalog. *Students choose one of these options to obtain the remaining 3 of 6 mandatory credits. 

Interior Design students must take the following courses, in addition to the required 6 credits listed above:

  • IDIDID300: Intermediate Interior Design (3 credits)
  • IDIDIL270: Introduction to Lighting (3 credits)
  • IDRHMA360: Masters of Architecture (3 credits)

Students must take a minimum of 12 credits while abroad, however, will likely take between 15-18 credits once their schedule at FUA has been finalized. The Office of Admission at FUA requires all students to provide an alternate to each core course they wish to take, therefore, students must have a total of ten courses approved by their Dean at Endicott. Please note that many courses at FUA have a course fee associated with it. Students are not required to pay for these fees, however, are expected to purchase any supplies needed. 

For a list of the course offerings, please refer to the online course catalog for the corresponding semester. 

Please note that students are not eligible to enroll in Culinary Arts courses with codes: FW BP and FW CA. 


Hospitality majors can take courses at FUA's APICIUS: International School of Hospitality, but must be in their Junior year with Endicott College by the time they will study abroad.

the Spring 2018 Academic Calendar is as follows:
  • Arrival Date: January 21, 2018 (Rome, by 5pm)
  • Cultural Introduction to Italy: Field Learning Week: January 22-28, 2018
  • Classes Start: January 29, 2018
  • Mid-Term Exams: March 12-16, 2018
  • Spring Break: March 19-23, 2018
  • Final Exams: May 7-9, 2018
  • Departure Date: May 10, 2018 

The Fall 2018 Academic Calendar is as follows:
  • Arrival Date: August 26, 2018 (Rome, by 5pm)
  • Orientation: August 30-31, 2018
  • Classes Start: September 3, 2018
  • Mid-Term Exams: October 15-19, 2018
  • Classes End: December 12, 2018
  • Final Exams: December 10-12, 2018
  • Departure Date: December 13, 2018


Upon arrival in Rome, students will be met at the airport by FUA faculty and staff who will be accompanying them on the Field Learning Week. Students will spend one week traveling from Rome to Florence, and will receive an introduction to Italy’s culture, food, language, history, and social protocols. They will spend the week engaging in culturally rich day trips, as well as overnights, including walking tours of Italy’s historical cities, wine tasting in the countryside, and beach days along the Mediterranean. As students make their way from Rome to Florence, they will gain the experience and knowledge that will allow them to feel comfortable on their own when they arrive at FUA the following week.

Students will receive information regarding the Field Learning Week via email prior to departure. This will include the travel itinerary, instructions on packing (students must utilize their carry-on, or a second checked bag, for their travel week bag), and what to expect during the week.


      Trevi Fountain  
"Italy is walking through the streets of history, while taking the time to appreciate the quality of what is around, and embracing the companionship of others." -Rebecca Bohls, Interior Design Major


Endicott students are placed in apartment style housing located through the Florence city center, ranging from a 5 to 20 minute walk from Corso Tintori, FUA's main administrative building. Apartments are fully furnished and fully functional, with the standard layout consisting of shared bedrooms, multiple bathrooms (variable), kitchen, living/dining room space. Included in the bedrooms are bed linens, pillows, and sheets. There will also be sufficient closet space to accommodate a reasonable amount of clothing and luggage, and desks are provided with a ratio of one desk to every two students. Shared bedrooms imply occupancy for 2 to 4 occupants per bedroom. In most shared apartments, occupancy is between 4 and 8 students. Although apartments are of the same standard and have similar facilities, no two apartments are alike. They are not all located in the same building, but are all within walking distance to the campuses or the nearest bus route. Internet is included in the apartments. 

Students are able to submit roommate requests when completing the FUA online course and housing registration application, which is found in the Endicott application portal once a student has been accepted. All housing requests are considered by the Student Housing Department in Florence, and are granted to the best of their ability. Students will receive their housing assignment approximately 2-3 weeks prior to their departure for Rome, and all housing assignments are final. More information on housing in Florence can be found here


For most meals, students will cook in their home kitchen. Kitchens are all fully functional, with sufficient utensils, plates and glasses per number of occupants. Also included are refrigerators, ovens, stoves, basic cookware.  Students will be given a limited amount of meal points for the on-campus student run restaurant, Ganzo, as well as the student-run café, Fedora. The amount of points issued is the equivalent to Endicott's Commuter Meal Plan (10 meals), and can be used at the student's discretion. Once these points are used, students will need to be fully self-sufficient and cook all meals for themselves. Students are advised to make reservations ahead of time for Ganzo, as this is a popular destination for both FUA students as well as the local community. 

Ganzo is open from 12:00pm until midnight, Monday through Friday. Lunch is served from 12:00pm - 3:00pm (final orders taken at 2:30pm), afternoon snacks are available 3:00pm - 6:00pm (until 5:00pm on Wednesdays), and dinner is served 7:00pm - 10:30pm. AperiGanzo is an aperitivo- style social event that is held every Wednesday beginning at 6:00pm, where students, faculty and the community can meet and mingle with one another. Reservations are suggested, as students may find they need to wait. Students will find their distance to Ganzo will vary depending on their housing location. Some students could be within a ten minute walk, or find they are perhaps a fifteen minute walk. 

"...a simple lifestyle appreciated through togetherness, family and food." -Courtney Wilson, Art Major

Student Life
Students studying in Florence are constantly engaged in culturally enriching experiences. The city is almost entirely walkable, allowing for leisurely wandering, or searching the streets for the nearest panini shop. Every street is garnished with architectural history, and traditional Italian culture. The Florentine locals are friendly, and eager to welcome American students--student discounts are widely available from restaurants to leather markets, and students often form close friendships with the Italians.

"...a culture that will teach you how to appreciate the little things in life."
-Mallory Farley, Hospitality Management

Students are encouraged to get involved with the many activities sponsored by FUA. As part of the Cultural Introduction to Italy course, students will dedicate a portion of their semester to community engagement. This can be fulfilled through community service within Florence, involvement in the student newsletter, the Endicott Study Abroad "Yearbook" or other activities. Students have found it valuable to participate in student soccer nights and language exchanges.

The most recommended activities during your study in Florence is the Educational Field Trips that are offered through FUA. These excursions are both offered for weekend getaways or day trips all throughout Italy! EFT organizes weekend trips for more distant destinations, as well as for towns with a wealth of artistic treasures and points of historical interest, which although less distant, typically require a longer period of stay. Some of the most popular destinations are Rome, Venice, Naples, Pompeii, Milan, and Sicily, but also lesser known ancient city-states or capitals such as Padua, Mantua, Turin, Verona – all  cities equally deserving of a visit.

While FUA also offers day trips for  students to places of historical and artistic interest in Tuscany and the neighboring regions. All Italian cities, even the smallest, are rich in art, ancient traditions, and culinary arts. These locations, often unknown, are real treasures to be discovered. In addition to visits of historical and artistic interest, the aim of our one day trips is to discover high-quality Italian products produced exclusively in the regions and towns. Laboratory visits give students a first-hand perspective of age-old techniques and regional traditions.

Some of the benefits of going through FUA are that they offer insurance (no other companies that operate out of Florence offer insurance, for example if you get sick and are unable to attend a trip you are refunded), breakfast for weekend tours, better housing accommodations for weekend tours (compared to companies that operate out of Florence), round trip transportation from and to Florence, and a tour leader. There are also many other inclusions depending on which tour you select such as wine tastings, cheese tastings, guided excursion to the Venetian Islands, dinner in a typical restaurant, round transportation to Capri by ferry and much more!!! 

To view Spring 2018 Day Excursions select this link here
To view Spring 2018 Weekend Excursions select this link here
To view Fall 2018 Excursions select this link here

You can also check out the Italian Family Club in order to have a more enriching experience while you are living in Florence! 

The Italian Family Club is an extension of our popular Connecting Cultures and Community Services archives. The “IFC” gives students a more in depth, hands-on opportunity to get personally involved with an adoptive Florentine family. They will get an up close view of a typical Italian family. Through the Italian Family Club, the students will closely interact with their family members, while discovering and observing their unique habits and customs. Students and families will be “matched”, according to the characteristics and requirements of both parties. They will build a two-way relationship and communication skills that will develop over the semester through mutual and productive exchanges.

"...I did not realize how much I would change for the better, learning to take each day slowly and enjoy it sunrise to sunset." -Kimberly Knowles, Art Major

Health and Safety

All students will travel abroad with GeoBlue international health insurance, which is purchased by the College. Students will receive an electronic and hard copy of their insurance card, and should a doctor's visit (commonly referred to as hospital visit abroad) be necessary, they should reach out to their on-site study abroad coordinator/resident director. Students will be required to contact GeoBlue prior to their appointment, unless of course in the case of an emergency, and should follow the procedures outlined here. 

Students are also encouraged to register themselves in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP), a free service provided by the U.S. government to U.S. citizens traveling abroad. STEP allows Americans abroad to receive updates from the nearest embassy or consulate and allows the Department of State to better assist you in an emergency. 

For additional health and safety tips, please visit our Health & Safety link on our main page. 

Student Visas
Students must attend a mandatory meeting which outlines the necessary steps they must take to complete their visa application, which in addition to completing the application, includes securing financial and notorized documents, and paying the visa processing fee. This fee is determined by the Consulate General of Italy, and is subject to change on a quarterly basis. Students will learn the cost of the visa during this meeting. 

Please note the following:
  • Students must meet all application deadlines set by the OIE. If a student has not turned in their full application by the given deadline, he or she will be responsible for securing their own individual appointment at the Italian Consulate. 
  • Students are required to surrender their passport to the OIE/Italian Consulate in order to complete the visa application. If a student cannot leave their passport with the OIE, due to travel plans that require using their passport, the student is responsible for making their own visa appointment. Appointments are made online through the Consulate General of Italy website, here. 

Permit of Stay
Students studying in Italy must register with the Italian government upon arrival in Florence and obtain a Permit of Stay. The staff at FUA will assist Endicott students in securing this, however, students must prepare to pay the 155 euro fee in cash, which is the equivalent of approximately $210. 


Dates / Deadlines:

There are currently no active application cycles for this program.

This program is currently not accepting applications.