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Cambodia's Future Foundation

CFF Group Photo
The Cambodia's Future Foundation's mission focuses on educating, mentoring, and empowering Cambodians to contribute to their country.

Founded by Robert Landau, the ultimate goal of “Nurturing leaders. Changing lives.” started with the identification and selection of a cohort of 16-year-old students with two years of high school remaining before graduation. Through a research-based and tested recruitment process, the final selection of 7 exceptional young leaders was completed in May 2014.

It was determined that, due to financial limitations, these students did not and will not have the funds to attend university after high school. This is a stark reality for thousands of young Cambodians who are destined to drop out of school to work in factories or farms, marry at a young age, or move from their province to a bigger city to find work.

The CFF students will realize their potential and make decisions that will have an impact on their lives, the lives of others, and their community and country.

One major project of the Cambodia's Future Foundation is the Bicycle Project. This initiative, designed by CFF scholarship students, is an excellent way for schools, clubs, organizations, or an individual to support the youth of Cambodia.

Often, students find it difficult to get to school because of long distances and lack of transportation.

The answer . . . a bicycle. This way students who want to go to school can get to school on time. Each bicycle costs $55, but an education for Cambodia's youth is priceless.

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