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Honors Program

Endicott students who are participating in the Endicott Scholars program are eligible to earn academic credit while abroad. Endicott students can select from the following programs, as each offer courses within an Honors Program setting.

The Umbra Institute

The Umbra Institute is a direct partner of Endicott College and an approved destination for Honors College students. The Institute’s Scholars Program offers students the chance to maximize their study abroad experience by engaging in an individualized research project under the mentorship of an Umbra Institute professor and utilizing the unique resources of Perugia and the surrounding region. Features of the Scholars Program include enriching coursework and field experiences, enhanced cultural immersion, and collaboration with other highly motivated students.

Endicott Honors College students can choose one of four curricular paths:
  • Individualized Research
  • Food & Sustainability Studies
  • Multicultural Psychology
  • Intensive Italian 
Students will complete coursework in one of these areas and complete both an Advanced Research Project (4 credits) and a Research Writing & Methodology Workshop (2 credits). Students wishing to participate in the Umbra Scholars Program must at least have a 3.5 GPA or a GPA of at least 3.0 plus a letter of recommendation and approval of the Program Coordinator.
For more information, see the Scholars Program page on the Umbra Institute website or contact:
Dean Sara Quay (Director of the Endicott Scholars Program)
Alicia Vinal (Study Abroad Advisor, Endicott College)