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Financial Information


Semester and Academic Year Program Fees

All students will pay Endicott tuition, room, and board directly to Endicott College. In addition, a $500 study abroad fee will be applied, which will cover costs associated with international health insurance and application/processing fees. Some programs may also have additional activity fees that will be applied.

Sample Semester Budget Sheet

Billable Items to Endicott College Students

  • Tuition - $XX,XXX
  • Room - $X,XXX
  • Board- $X,XXX (Full Meal Plan)  $X,XXX (Commuter Meal Plan)   $0 (No Meal Plan)
  • Sponsor Fee- Variable Cost. Some programs charge a sponsor fee, which pays for orientation costs or excursions, for example.
  • Study Abroad Fee- $500  
Estimated Out-of-Pocket Expenses
  • Personal Expenses - $2,500-4,000
  • Airfare - $1,500 
  • Local Transportation - $300
  • Additional Meals - $1,500
  • Books - $300-500
  • Immigration Fees- $0-550 

Faculty-Led Program Fees

Costs for Faculty-Led Programs can be found on the individual program pages. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is included in the Study Abroad Fee?
As part of your international education program, your student account will be charged a $500 study abroad administrative fee each semester you are abroad. This fee covers GeoBlue international health insurance and application and processing fees accrued during the application process. 

Why does my student pay Endicott tuition during their semester abroad?
The home school tuition policy for Endicott-sponsored study abroad programs allows Endicott students to earn Endicott credits, not transfer credits, for academic work overseas. This results in greater flexibility in fulfilling Endicott requirements abroad. The home school tuition policy also allows Endicott students to maintain their full financial assistance package to fund a semester abroad, ensuring that students of varying need levels can take advantage of educational opportunities overseas.

Paying the Student Account Balance

Semester Programs
An e-bill notification will be generated by the Office of the Bursar by July 1st for the fall semester and by December 1st for the spring semester. All students are required to resolve their student account balance prior to departure, which includes making the appropriate payment to Endicott College for the semester's bill, completing all loan requirements, and waiving or enrolling in the Endicott health insurance; this does not include GeoBlue international health insurance, as this is not optional. Students studying abroad for the fall and spring semesters are eligible to sign up for the monthly payment plan administered by Tuition Management Systems. Please contact the Office of the Bursar at +1.978.232.2035, if the student’s last name begins with the letter A-L, and +1.978.232.2036 if the student’s last name begins with the letter M-Z if you have any billing or payment questions.

Faculty-Led Programs
The balances for faculty-led programs are due per the schedule provided by the Office of International Education. Financial Aid and payment plans do not apply to these programs.