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Faculty Resources

Course Approval Forms

All students who wish to study abroad must complete a Course Approval Form that is signed by the student, the student's Academic Advisor, the student's Dean, and the Dean of the Office of International Education. Students are asked to do the following to complete this requirement as part of their study abroad application:

  • Consult the course catalog for their desired program. A link to the catalog or to a list of courses is provided on each program page in the Academics tab. Students must be mindful to select the correct semester, ensure the courses they have interest in are at the undergraduate level, and any pre-requisites have been met. 
  • Select 8-10 courses they wish to take while abroad, taking into account any cancellations or add/drops that may occur while abroad
  • Complete the following sections of the Course Approval Form: Personal Information, Destination/Semester, International Courses

Students are advised to make an appointment with their Dean to review their course selections and obtain Endicott course equivalents. Students should arrive with their Course Approval Form, as well as information pertaining to the courses (typically open on their laptops or tablets). This is a writeable pdf, and should not be submitted as a handwritten form as illegible handwriting will cause delays upon receipt of the student's transcript at the conclusion of the semester. 

We suggest keeping a copy of your student's Course Approval Form in case changes need to be made. Please also keep a blank copy of our Study Abroad Course Approval Form on your computer in case your student needs to make changes once he/she arrives at the study abroad site.

Faculty Recommendations

As part of the application process for study abroad programs, students are required to request two recommendations from Endicott faculty members. We appreciate your support in this process, as this is a vital part of our application review. We use these recommendations not only to determine student eligibility, but they are also submitted as part of the application materials sent to our partner universities and affiliate programs.

Students must submit recommendation requests via their application online. If you are asked to submit a recommendation for a student, you will be notified via a generated email from the website. In your email, you will find instructions on how to complete the recommendation form. 

Faculty-Led Program Proposals

We encourage all Endicott faculty to consider leading a short-term trip. There are three types of short-term trips:

1. Travel Course: This trip is worth 3 credits, and includes 5-6 pre-departure meetings each lasting 1-1.5 hours each. Students will travel for 18-21 days, and a total of 45 contact hours are required. This course is a 288 or 388 designation, and counts towards the faculty load.

2. Course and International Travel: This trip is a fall or spring semester-long course, with an optional travel component worth 1 credit. Travel will take place during Winter Intersession or at the end of May into June. Students will register for the semester-long course and course + T to obtain the additional credit, and will pay a separate program fee. This course does not count toward the faculty teaching load, however includes a faculty stipend. 

3. Study Tour: This trip is worth either 1 credit (indicative of 15 contact hours) or 2 credits (indicative of 30 contact hours), and includes three pre-departure meetings. Students will register for the designated fall or spring course, and travel will take place during Winter Intersession, Spring Break (March) or late May into June. Students will be required to pay a separate program fee. This course does not count toward the faculty teaching load, however includes a faculty stipend. 

Faculty are asked to meet with Warren Jaferian regarding their interest in leading a short-term trip, and submit a
Faculty Led Program Proposal. We ask this form be presented at least 18 months in advance.

Opportunities for Involvement with the Office of International Education

The Office of International Education appreciates your help in promoting international education throughout the Endicott community. If you ever wish to collaborate, or have any ideas on intercultural events, activities, guest speakers, etc., please let us know and we would love to work with you! Please also visit our 'Events' page where you can view all upcoming events that we are hosting and feel free to attend!