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Primary Insurance 

Massachusetts law requires all students to have a U.S. health insurance plan while enrolled at Endicott College. Students must maintain this primary insurance throughout the term abroad, whether it is a private plan or the Endicott College plan. If normally waived, students should continue to waive it for their term abroad.

International Health Insurance

Study abroad students are enrolled in an international insurance plan that provides coverage essential for international travelers. For Endicott students, the international plan is provided by GeoBlue.  

Upon enrollment, students will receive an email directly from GeoBlue asking them to confirm their enrollment. They will also be provided with information on their plan, and the services offered by GeoBlue; these range from assistance while abroad to helping students locate doctors in their host city. Plans are valid during official program dates, and only outside of the United States. If a student plans to travel before the program begins or after it concludes, they should contact the provider directly to purchase extended coverage.

GeoBlue plans include medical care for illnesses, accidents, and emergencies.  Plans also provide emergency medical evacuation, accidental death and dismemberment coverage, and repatriation coverage, among other benefits. Plans can be used for doctor and hospital visits as well as 24-hour emergency assistance over the phone from anywhere in the world.

Should a student need to use their health insurance while abroad, they should do the following:
  • Contact their on-site Study Abroad Office or Resident Director to inform them of the nature of the needed appointment.
  • Call the number provided on the back of their GeoBlue health insurance card. If the student has misplaced their card, they should visit the GeoBlue site for the appropriate number to call, and log in to their online account to obtain their member number. The on-site staff at the student's institution can assist students with making any phone calls if needed. 
  • Provide GeoBlue with the following information: name, member number, city and country location, the nature of the appointment needed
GeoBlue will assist students in locating the closest doctor's office or hospital for their visit. They will, to the best of their ability, provide advanced clearance of payment to the office or hospital on behalf of the student. Should payment not be cleared before the appointment, and the student is asked to pay the bill, please obtain an itemized copy of the bill/receipt. Students will need to contact GeoBlue to file a claim for reimbursement, and this information will be required. Please note that the Office of International Education cannot file a claim on behalf of the student; this is the responsibility of the student should they seek reimbursement.