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Transcripts & Grades from Abroad

Grade Equivalencies

All courses taken abroad will count as letter grades and will transfer back as Endicott credits. Courses taken in a different academic system abroad will be converted into the Endicott/US grading scale. Courses are not pass/fail and will affect the student's GPA while abroad. 

Course Approval

During the application process, Endicott students will work with their Academic Advisor and Dean to ensure the academic program will fit into their degree plan. Students must choose 8-10 courses from their host institution to account for course cancellations, enrollment issues, or other unexpected events. It is the student's responsibility to communicate with their Advisor and Dean if his or her academic plan changes while abroad. 



Transcripts may take several months to arrive, as processing timelines at host institutions will vary. Some transcripts will arrive in approximately one month, while others may take as long as four months. Once a transcript is received by the Office of International Education, it is reconciled against the student's Endicott Course Approval Form. Should the transcript differ in any way from the Course Approval Form, an email will be sent directly to the student with instructions to update and resubmit their form. This will cause delays in the processing time, therefore students should be mindful to update their Course Approval Form with their Dean and the Office of International Education while abroad. Transcripts are sent to the Registrar’s Office to be entered into My Endicott after all courses have been properly reconciled by the Office of International Education.  


The timeline of grade submission is dependent upon each professor. Grades are generally submitted 1-2 months after the conclusion of the program.