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Study Abroad Incentives

Endicott is pleased to announce a series of financial incentives to encourage increased participation in study abroad and international internships. Our goal is to make these opportunities available to an even wider audience across all majors, concentrations, and interests.

The College provides financial incentives to students studying and interning at the following universities and locations:
  • Munster Technological University (Cork, Ireland): $5,000 scholarship + Group round trip airfare*
  • CIS Endicott Madrid (Madrid, Spain): $3,000 scholarship + Group round trip airfare*
  • American College of Greece (Athens, Greece): $2,000 scholarship
  • International College of Management (Sydney): $1,000 flight credit
  • International internships (Any location worldwide): $1,000 scholarship (or the above scholarships if going to Ireland or Spain)

Terms and Conditions:

Airfare and scholarships are awarded upon completion and acceptance of the application, and successful conduct review. Students must commit to their acceptance within three (3) days of notification by the Office of International Education and agree to the terms outlined in their application portal.

*Group round-trip air provided from Boston, MA and the flights cannot be changed to accommodate pre or post-semester travel plans. 

The list of study-abroad programs can be found here