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Acceptance and Program Commitment

Program Acceptance and Commitment

The Office of International Education reviews completed study abroad applications on a rolling basis leading up to the deadline. After students have been accepted to the study abroad program, they must decide to commit or withdraw within three days. During this period, students can withdraw their application however, they will accrue a $50 application fee penalty. If students do not submit their official program withdrawal in writing to the Office of International Education before the three-day period ends, their enrollment in the study abroad program will be considered confirmed and they are committed to participate.

Students who withdraw after committing to the program or not committing after the 3-day waiting period will be held responsible for the $500 study abroad fee and any additional fees that the Office of International Education has incurred during that time. 

Description of Application Statuses

Please note that there are different application statuses and students are responsible for understanding the implications of their status. Below is a description of the application statuses used by the Office of International Education.  Students should refer to this list to clarify their application status as indicated on their application:
  • Pending: The student is still in the process of applying and/or awaiting review from the Office of International Education. 
  • Accepted: The student has been accepted by Endicott College only, and NOT necessarily the partner abroad.
  • Committed: This will appear once a student has been accepted and the student has selected "Commit" on his or her application. This means that the student intends to study abroad and is aware of any additional application materials that the program abroad may require. If the student does not select "Committed," he or she must still notify the Office of International Education of his or her intent. Otherwise, the student will still be considered as studying abroad. 
  • Waitlisted: The student has been waitlisted due to enrollment caps placed on the program he or she is seeking to attend, and may still be considered for acceptance if other students drop out of the program.
  • Rejected: A student's application has been denied due to a low GPA, misconduct record, poor application, and/or poor references. 
Post-Decision Meetings

Students accepted to a study abroad program are required to attend the following meetings:
  • Visa Meeting (applicable to Italy and Spain only)
  • Pre-Departure Orientation
Students are notified of the dates of each meeting well in advance. Should a student be unable to attend due to class or a sporting engagement, they must notify the Office of International Education.